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Tobias Youngblood

Speculative Fiction

Windlyn Vale - 
Prequel to the Projectionists Series

In the coming days, Windlyn Vale will burn.

Prequel novella to the Projectionists Series - an urban fantasy trilogy.


Grave Covenant - Projectionists #1

A new species rises. Born from corruption, it will bring mankind to its knees.

Grave Covenant is Book #1 of the Projectionists series - a character-driven, urban fantasy series that will keep you guessing until the final satisfying conclusion.

Dragon Apostle - Projectionists #2

Coming May 31, 2024

Ridley Darcano, convinced that he is on a divine path, struggles to reconcile the brutal nature of his newfound powers with the will of a benevolent God.

Meanwhile, he forms a surrogate family with his unlikely new companions in the Big City, and together they create a united front against evil forces from afar...and vengeful ones that loom ever closer in the shadows of the streets.

Image by Sean Thomas

False Idol -
Projectionists #3

Coming Late 2024

Ridley Darcano and company band together in a bid to defeat the Projectionists at their own game. Meanwhile an even greater evil looms. Loyalties will be tested and planes of existence will be transcended in this action packed finale to the Projectionists series.



Death Sketch - Nightmares #1

Starving artist Paul Desmontes receives a life-changing offer. But at what cost?​​​​​​​

Death Sketch is Book #1 of the Nightmares series - a collection of short, stand-alone horror novellas with co-author Oliver Shade. Best enjoyed alone, under stormy skies, with a poisoned martini.

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