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Windlyn Vale

Prequel novella to the Projectionists Trilogy.


In the coming days, Windlyn Vale will burn.

A clan of insectile shapeshifters has survived the Calamity, but when a red tide washes on the shores of Windlyn Vale, new threats emerge. Mists take on the shape of dragons, dire wolves appear and one of their clan goes missing. 

All eyes turn to Siv, their seer and protector. His investigation brings him beyond their borders to the Eternal Desert, a place with secrets lost to time. What he discovers there will unravel the fabric of his reality. It will challenge his faith and risk his sanity. 

But the greatest threat of all lies within Windlyn Vale, where an ancient evil stirs just beneath the surface. A creature that lives only to destroy. Now, it will rise again.

With a burning hatred as deep as the abyss.

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