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A new species rises. Born from corruption, it will bring mankind to its knees.

The Conjoined Republic is considered a safe nation, as long as you avoid the alleyways. Dragons and succubi are long extinct, and the last vampires cling to the shadows. But mankind is unprepared for the horror spawning in the Outskirts.

Three will play a role in this game. Ilyana is an insectile shapeshifter with a dangerous fascination with humans. Ridley is an amateur boxer with a death wish. Iris is a knife-wielding nine-year-old on a mission.

Each is pulled unwittingly to the corruption at the center of the Outskirts, where their morality will be tested. They must destroy the vile spawn before it rises from its unholy womb. 

But what if one takes a knee instead, pledging fealty to a grave covenant?

Grave Covenant is book #1 of the Projectionists series—a character-driven urban fantasy series that will keep you guessing until the final satisfying conclusion.

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